After some small time acclimating in the capitol of Tuhál, Caer Cuval, Caerdwyn was called before the head of the order of Questioners and given a mission to go to Tar Tranwyn and administer the Test to Lord Cyrdaen’s son, Arric.

On the way NE to Tar Tranwyn, Bayeo and Caerdwyn passed through Murctyn, a small dun ruled by the friendly Lady Isyean. They had some conversation with the bard Vodaan, who suggested things might not be as they expected in Tar Tranwyn, since the mourning period was still on for Lord Mahric’s son, who’d died more than a year ago.

Catching a ferryboat down godsriver from the Murctyn canal, they headed for Mwrost lake, the town of Tranwyn scalloped out of its western shore.

They arrived in the little town, asked pointed questions, and got themselves a room at The Treehouse, a prominent Flit establishment.

THe questions ended up getting them a visit from Tanyc, the captain of Lord Cyrdaen’s guard. They were brought to the fortress, interviewed by Tanyc, and then given rooms by Nelym, the aged Seneschal of the Castle.

Arric’s death is confirmed talking with Lord Mahric, and the people of the fortress and the town seem genuinely bereft. Accompanying Loakavar, Priest of the Sky House, they go into the basement to the inobvious prison cell holding Saar, Arric’s bodyman, long-time boyhood friend, and lone survivor of Arric’s doomed expedition.

After the interview, Bayeo and Caerdwyn are moved, but unsure what to believe or do. Lokavar leads them to, and leaves them alone in a dry fountain room where he says that allegedly, special persons – like Arric – can find parts of the Builder structure that others cannot.

NPCS: Caer Cuval – Gwrdyn (Head Questioner) – Kytamwe (Silent Questioner)

Murctyn – Lady Isyean (Lady of the Dun) – Klaen (traveling bard)

Tar Tranwyn – Lord Marryc Cyrdaen – Tanyc (Captain of the Guard) – Nelym (Seneschal) – Arric Cyrdean (deceased) – Saar (Arric’s friend, bodyman, Saren) – Ashk (head gardener) – Vyken (silver-furred Vulfen gardener) – Lokavar – Priest of the Sky House