• SkyWatcher – one of the Avaen
  • Waterson – Avae name for Mistlings
  • Froth Between Sea and Sand – Avae name for the Mistlord
  • The Ancients – a name for a category of beings including the Dragon?
  • Kehashtewythen – Avae name for The Dragon


  • Made their way to a nearby grove of pines known to Fodaan, which seemed to magical. Found a cache of wine left by bards. Spent a good night.
  • At the crossroads leading from the Ribbon to Dun Crys, they followed Avae cries into the woods
  • Discovered an (apparently) dead Mistling – its pearl heart among salt water, and the wounded Avae, Skywatcher, who killed it with a godsblood sickle weapon.
  • They parlayed with her, she told them she was watching them because they had a shard of the Dragon’s Egg
  • She asked them whom they served – if they came from the White Towers; Caerdwyn told her he was on this quest for his own purposes
  • She tested Caerdwyn’s blood with the Shard; it congealed and she seemed satisfied
  • SkyWatcher told them someone in the town up ahead had been burning houses; she promised to try and find Telsara’s circle of stones and meet them on the Ribbon