Through a misreading of the space by me, the storyteller, the campaign went off the rails here. We decided to make the session a prophetic nightmare and revisit it next session.


  • An old, liver-spotted man left alone in Dun Crys


  • Made their way across the fields, to the town of Dun Crys, crossing a small, empty creek on a pale bridge into a seemingly empty town.
  • Stumbling out of a building beside the road, an old man between liver spots told Bayeo, “You must keep it away from…them.”
  • After that the old man pronounced, sadly, “chicken”. Caerdwyn opened his Vision, binding their thoughts together, and saw two women: silver-haired woman screaming, arms bound; and a young blond woman shushing the old man with one finger over his lips
  • Guaer – In an inappropriately jaunty way, heading back over the hill to where he had discovered, “all the people herded, and a fire in preparation”.
  • They could make out at least 2 homes burned recently down. They hurried past the Dun’s locked doors, up around its small hill, and caught sight of the great mass of Dun Crys’ populace, gathered further up the mountainside.