Morning came, and found the leavings of the night.

A Builder-stone well was found where the hermaphrodite deer revealed it to Caerdwyn. A brass plug, imbued with the Science of Letters, plugged the opening of the well. Abandoning the legacy of the past to the past, the company turned their attention to Bayeo’s discomfort and the absence of Evayn.

Bayeo confessed to a visitation from a Vulfen woman in the night, so imbued with sexuality there was no reason, no humanity in him, only sweat and grunt. He shuddered with mingled terror and titilation.

Tracking ensued, finding trace of Evayn’s blood in a circle of moss-covered granite stones under a massive oak tree. Caerdwyn fled the area, the air itself throbbing with power.

They discovered Evayn by a waterfall, naked. They cleaned her up, and she confirmed the handsome man who had taken her to the rocks and relieved her of the burden of her virginity. On her way back to camp, she said, “I think I am with child.”

Lingering by the water, Caerdwyn and, surprisingly, Guaer talked over what was going on, and of the ways of Magic. Caerdwyn discovered Guaer was possessed both of a fierce intellect and a sense of humor regarding himself. Perhaps the time of the P’ntri’s posturing was at an end.