Names (people and places) in Mawr draw themselves from 2 modern Celtic Languages: Irish and Welsh.

Welsh is the ‘common’ tongue of the kingdoms Cuhál and Tuhál and is considered easy or intimate.
Irish is the ‘higher’ language of the High Kingdom of Foraoise and is considered formal.

You may or may not care about pronunciation.

The World

Arcodd is the name of the Mother who bears all life. She is the seas and the land and the air.  Mawr is the land upon which you live. In the common tongue, it means Great.  The 5 Kingdoms cover Mawr (more or less).

Above the Mother spin the Night and the Day in their endless cycle, the sun harbinger of day and the moons the keepers of night.  The sun is called Grían – both feared and beloved.

In the night gleam the stars, beautiful and cold and distant.  Many are the legends of their origins.  Some say they are the souls of great heroes placed in the sky by the Gods to remind man of his glorious past.  Others claim them to be fragments of the sun, left behind each day in his passage as the promise of another dawn.  Still others claim they are spirits or angels sewn into the dome of heaven to watch over the affairs of men for the busy gods.  There are other stories still, older and darker, that came with the people of the brothers to the great island of Mawr.

Also in the folds of night’s cloak are the Nightwings, the five moons which circle the world, ever full faces turned to the world as they glow with the inner light of their own divinity.

There are 3 Clans of Gods, the Day House, the Night Lodge, and Those Who Stand Apart. They tinker – mostly unseen – in the affairs of the world on their own terms, though sometimes the paeans or the acts of bright people attract their attention.

Mawr – History of Humans

The human peoples of Mawr came to the great island nation from over the Tower Sea, to the east. They settled in the quiet fields and forests and began to make quite a bit of trouble.

Five great brothers divided the island and established kingdoms with their clans. They brought mighty works of sorcery with them from beyond the sea. They incorporated the pale structures of the long-lost Builders into their Kingdoms.

By the time the P’ntri and the Vulfin (the races native to Mawr) realized their collective peril, it was too late. The gods of Mawr: the Dragon and the Serpent had already become accustomed to this new people. After a brief but terrible war, the P’ntri retreated beyond the mountains of Cuhál, into their deep forests, laying curses and dooms behind them like flower petals. The Vulfin’s magic was not timely, not made for war, and they were devastated, their culture destroyed, and they were left to serve or to wander in the unprofitable plains of the south in bands, like animals.

The kingdoms flourished, disagreed, warred, divided. The great magics of Foraoise faded, and with them many of the comforts and wonders of their civilization.

For more on the current state of the human kingdoms of Mawr, read on.

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