The Gods

There are, as all know, three Clans of the Gods.  These are the Night Lodge, the Sky House, and Those Who Stand Apart.

The Night Lodge

The Night Lodge are old gods who came to Mawr with the Brothers and the first Kingdoms. Those Who Stand Apart may have come with the Kings, but may have already been here among the races of Mawr.



Bel is Honor, Glory in Combat, and Victory. His color is White. Often called the “Fair Slayer”, also a title for heroes who dignify themselves through combat. Bel’s white standard is raised before any battle and the parties negotiate their war honorably. White flags and white outfits are common in training areas.



Macháin is mistress of the Fílidh (bards) and all poets and singers and artists. It is she who invented Language and gave speech to the races of the world. Any servant of hers who learns to read the trapped souls of the written word is immediately forsaken by her. Her colors are gold and black, and tartans. She is sometimes called “The Singer”, or “Old Woman History” or Siar na Siaraí, “Speaker of Speakers”.

Dána is the Luck whom all alternately curse or praise. Her color is silver. She’s called the Gambler, and the Doxie.

Ursean is a wanderer of all Roads and Ways. His color is brown, and his symbol is the open door, and is used often for public houses along the paths of Mawr.

couple-sepia square

Druys and Ventain as young lovers

The lover pair of Druys, Goddess of Fertility and Ventain, God of the Hunt keep sacred the natural sites of Mawr, and are, it’s said, the source of all mortal urgings.

The Sky House

Foraoise's Abbey of Dawn

Foraoise’s Abbey of Dawn

The powers of the Sky House came to Mawr some say from the South, and are relatively new to the land.

Chief among these is Gaudr, Lord of the Lighted Vault of Heaven. His wife is Gaer, Mistress of Clear Day and Gentle Rain.

Their get: Pronabbyn, Goddess of the Dawn, Naur, the Storm Queen, and Baer, God of Ice and Winter.

There are Solas, the personification of Light, and his wife Baetha, Mistress of growing things. Their purview is the day and the quiet, natural world.

Those Who Stand Apart

These gods take no part in the affairs of dark and light, but wander the invisible strands of the world.

Ddurn is lord of the Grey World where spirits walk, and keeper of the dead.

Mabinown – the Free God, who changes all he touches.

Súil was the hope of Reunion of light and dark, but died in the coming of her twins:

  • Ternir is the spinner of prophecy, told in the grey light of Pronnabyn’s Dusk,
  • Ciánan is the Seer, who knows every secret. It was he who trapped the language of Macháin in writing, binding wisdom for the future.


The title for a priest is “Siar”, meaning speaker.

2 Responses to The Gods

  1. Greg says:

    So, how many gods have we made enemies of so far?

    Pretty much the whole Night Lodge!
    Macháin we know for certain, probably because I can’t pronounce her name.
    Ursean certainly has slighted us, if nothing else.
    And Druys and Ventin kind of started this whole thing. They’re Divine Venison as far as Caerdwyn’s concerned now.

    Sky House: Well, they seem indifferent to us. Maybe, ironically our only ones in ‘good’ standing, considering I don’t think Caerdwyn has much liking for the whole order. Naur though is doing her best to make sure we don’t have a dry road, I’d say.

    And Those Who Stand Apart: Well, not sure at this point, but we did boot Evayn pretty quickly, so they can’t be too thrilled about that.

  2. Greg says:

    I kind of wonder though, if the Nightwings still might favor us… being something else in their own right. It might be good for survival if some celestial force isn’t plotting against us.

    As fun as it’d be to take down the whole pantheon, I doubt our chances.

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