Author: Pól

Episode 19 –

The heroes resolve shit.

Episode 18 – Earth

We begin in media res: In a cavern below the earth, the heroes have drawn together: chasing the young warrior Garmhan who ignored foretelling and came down into the dark under Tuhál, then chasing Cían as the Serpent he raised to kill the Mistling who stole the young warrior dragged him away in its coils. This…

Episode 17 – Taming the Wind

Meet the white-clad warriors at the O’Lú house. Find out they are here to meet Bel. Read their futures. Descend. Find the oldest brother crawling out of the tunnels with his right arm severed. A misting comes for the young warrior, Garmhan. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Episode 16 – Ancient Ones Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Episode 15 – The Blade or the Stone that Interrogated

After the Encounter with the Mist, the heroes retire for a long night, and as if something has awakened, as if Mawr is noticing them, each has their own unique encounter. Cían spends the night in Aoífe’s bed, and in the morning tells her much more than he meant to about their uncovers that have…

Episode 14 – Fighters in the Mist

In Episode 13, the heroes rescued the wanderers lost in the maze, drawn in by the dark knot of Terror. They shared with the Shadow of the Hound that the knot’s web was closing in around him as well. In this Episode, the heroes talk to Donal O’Lú after they save him from the tunnels…

Episode 13 – The Circle

In Episode 12, the heroes made their way back together after their travails in the Tuhál of the Morning. Following the whispers of the Shadow of the Hound, the heroes find some of the people who have been wandering blindly in the tunnels under Tuhál: a man and a bevy of children. Using the Dreams…

Episode 12 – Dreaming in the Earth

In Episode 11, The heroes were faced by many challenges in the caverns below the O’Lú compound in the ClearWater District. The Spinner that they had seen before entering, with its child-sized bundle suspiciously bound to its web, first confronted them, then moved between them and the dying blue unlight of the woken Builder stone….

Episode 11 – Shadows Under the Earth

The heroes waken back in the caverns below the O’Lú househould in the Clear Water district of Tuhál. They process their strange journey and its implications, as they realize not only are the dangers they left behind still present – the Spinner guarding its small human in a web – but the dangers of the…

Episode 10 – The Broken King

The heroes find their way – with intelligence from a Spinner they saved – to a standing stone in the Teinwood called the Dragon’s Rib. 13 times around against the path of the sun is the way in. But even in the wan forest light, they can feel this is the most dangerous thing they…