The Weaver’s Cafe

Naranth’s Weaver cell is based out of a conveniently-visible cafe in the Topiary district of Satyrine. (Meaning none but members or like-minded Weavers can even find the brick lined place with its slow service and its even slower courtyard service.)

Founded by Rota (3rd Degree), Heliophon (4th) and a rarely-present Kyrie (5th), the cell is run by the two non-human weavers, Vine and Grape. Second-degrees who have resisted promotion until “1 of them wins” the contest of vines in the courtyard, they are a fixture of the Cafe.

The upstairs is largely-open, railed, and full of pillows as well as boards for the Weaver game Spider.

There are many boards available in the cafe to play Spider – as many as needed, given the multi-dimensional and expansible nature of the game.

It was Grape (or is it Vine?) that Naranth defeated. They were playing in the warm indirect sun of the brick yard of the Cafe across 3 simultaneous boards across which Naranth was relatively certain he was losing. At a turning point in the game, the other owner showed up, and began to kibbitz on the game from the side to Naranth. And then, and then, the game scaled up, and then Rota excused Naranth as winner from the remainder of the game as the vines of the courtyard came to life and began to expand and strangle one another.

A Goetic Needs