Session Summary

  • Took the appointment with the Constable – Jack and the quirky Shambo arrived by Portal and the Constable’s unconsciousness
  • Fended off the Constable’s suspicions and appraised her of the approaching Gaian dangers
  • Got the news from Uxphon re: Baron Tichronus probably not returning, the Impossible Blade and payback for Jack’s old caravan friend who was setting up the party to die
  • went to Stastin’s Boat Dock; Shambo miraculously cured Stastin’s asthma and secured an additional skimmer; Shambo took the opportunity to study the skimmer operations
  • Roz went to the Tentacle’s Rest, met a nice old man named Od who’d lost all his teeth playing the mini-bot battle game Duality; he gave her his old bot Spindeath; they fixed it up, and Roz won some dosh kicking The Troll‘s ass

Racing the dawn, they set out onto the open sea. With dawn glimmering ahead of them on the waves, they skimmed under the edges of the storm. The sparkling blue light on the choppy sea ahead turned out to be luminous skates coasting along over the surface of the waves. The beauty moved them – until they saw what looked like self-mutilated savages riding 4 of the skates.

Dust in the Wind by Kansas on Grooveshark