In Episode 12, the heroes made their way back together after their travails in the Tuhál of the Morning.

Following the whispers of the Shadow of the Hound, the heroes find some of the people who have been wandering blindly in the tunnels under Tuhál: a man and a bevy of children.

Using the Dreams of the Dead Dragon, Ceseal draws his companions into a world of the minds of the lost.

There, they find them distracted by familiar-seeming golden hummingbirds, trying desperately to get to a hungry (and familiar) knot work to get back what they’ve lost – even as it hungers to devour them.

Using the breath of the Dragon and the Serpent, the heroes awaken the power of Ternyr, the Spinner, God of Prophecy that lives on in the wind follies that are the hummingbirds, and the birds disintegrate themselves in an explosion of god dust, freeing the lost from the grip of the Knot, and delivering all of them back into the waking world.

In Episode 13:

Cían discovers that the Shadow of the Hound has been bound to the catacombs, and that the binding is shortening its chain steadily – eventually it will bind the shadow completely, and the Hound himself somehow. The Shadow of the Hound takes the treasure of this news gravely.

The heroes must begin to face the darkness lying under Caer Cuval – even as they figure out who they have saved, and what has become of the Fighters from the Proving Grounds that they have perhaps 10 days left to re-open by royal command….