After the Encounter with the Mist, the heroes retire for a long night, and as if something has awakened, as if Mawr is noticing them, each has their own unique encounter.

Cían spends the night in Aoífe’s bed, and in the morning tells her much more than he meant to about their uncovers that have so very little to do with the task of opening the Proving Grounds for Eigrean Cuval, “The Wolf Pup” of House Cuval and son of the King of Tuhal.

Claybourne rouses from one waking dream into another to find he has had a visitor… or two… during the night, and a very unexpected conversation – for everyone – ensues.

Ceseal and Sissyphus wake in a dream under the earth of a living river and a living cavern it has lain down in – a very, very, very old Suren that has been living still and dreaming beneath Caer Cuval since time out of mind. A place down in the dark where a very ancient light of Builder Stone has been woken by a new light – one of the Dragon’s Fires from below the earth. They commune in this dream as their people have done, and they have a visitor to shake things up….