They stood in that lovely room that must have overlooked the city, but whose many screened windows were beginning to burn indistinctly with the dawn that was starting outside.

hermit_aaDid he repeat himself, telling them once more, “I am Ilír, Siar na Siarái of Gaudr, Lord of the Lighted Vaults of Heaven. I have lost the sacred sigil of my office, and I have seen in dreams that you have come to help me find it.”

Did Mab and Cwyn just stand there for an incalculable moment, gaping at the man? If they did, the Siar did not seem to mind or notice. Finally, recovering, Cwyn started asking about these visions that had come to the Siar.

“It is ill fortune to speak of visions to those they contain,” the Siar replied. They realized in the slowly rising light that the man was not as old as they had at first thought. Signs of many sleepless nights gaunted his features.

“But I can tell you the things you will need,” he announced with purpose. And what he told them amounted, after questions and clarifications to:

  1. The sigil was lost in the west country of Foraise at the estate of Erinn na Sabh
  2. The estate is at the foot of the Bys Pynwydden (far below Pynwydden Abbey)
  3. It was lost almost 2 weeks past from a locked box in a locked container that the Siar had the key to the entire time.
  4. He only discovered the theft upon his return to Ionad.
  5. He trusts his staff, even those with challenging records, and cannot imagine any purpose they might have in stealing an infintely-recognizable artifact.
  6. in his dreams, he has seen a terrible manor, built atop many other fallen manors, its life all underground
  7. The manor sits above a great, dark river with thick vegetation spilling up from it
  8. He sensed in his vision the power of the Mist Lord upon the place.

“I have gifts to give you some small aid and succor upon your quest,” he continued, brightening, as the disk of the sun’s face cleared the rim of the world and began to chase away the night.

He went to a mural of the face of Lás, the disk of the sun, pressed his hand over the mouth of the mural and whispered to the wall. Slowly, the wall wasn’t there any more, and a deep inset behind it became visible. It was filled with stacked boxes, artifacts of gold and silver, bags and all manner of treasure. He gathered a bulging black cotton back and returned to them.

Solemnly, he withdrew items rich with historical value, and mostly made of gold or Godsblood, a strong gold alloy. He presented them the treasures while the sun continued to rise behind him, trying to burn at their eyes.

  • The Bracelet of Durn, Grandson of the first High King. The bracelet is made of interlocking links like a puzzle ring surmounted by two small serpent heads. It keeps the wearer from falsehood and betrayal, but wearing it causes the bearer to suffer bad dreams.
  • Teigl’s Torc, Ternyn’s grandson Teigl was a hero in the Separation Wars, Teigl was a steadfast warrior. His torc makes the wearer strong and resilient in life and battle.
  • The Ring of Tiaraí, A seer, and possibly the founder of the Abbey of Pronabbyn, Goddess of the Dawn, Tiaraí was a seer, and it’s said her golden ring carved with knots provided her clarity of vision and the ability to pierce deceit.
  • Starstone – in a small, black, silk pouch, this is said to be a star fallen from the heavens, filled with light.
  • Water of Life – one of the few magics not stolen from the High King by the P’ntri, the expensive secret to making Uisce Beatha has not been lost. It’s said to be able to restore vigor to the lost, health to the injured, and given enough of it, to snatch a life from Ddurn’s bony grasp.

Having received the enormous treasures from Ilír’s trusting hands, they solidified their information, asked if they could borrow the false sigil (no), and then departed.

They returned to Diarmuid’s apartment saw a breakfast waiting for them, and a Diarmuid hopeful for a grand celebration of –

Oh, they had gotten employment. They had to set off. Well, of course. That was well. He wished them well! Well….

They planned still to conceal Cwyn in a barrel and have him steal the false holy sigil in the dark of that night, and use it to pay of Merraig, and then perhaps redeem themselves by fetching back the real necklace.