Unleashing terror upon the camp disabled many of the soliders.

Rising to battle them nonetheless were:

  1. laser spheres
  2. animated armor suits
  3. chalk-white warlord with some entranced gaians
  4. crystal star refrigerator man

The battle was intense, and on.

A force field protected by the laser spheres kept Gabriel mostly out of the fight.


At the end, the evil crystal refrigerator dumped out a man in wild Gaian garb who told them if they really wanted to stop the Diamond Hammer Artifice Manmaker, they should rescue Urgrevek – the true leader of the Gaians – from … the Truth.


Final Stats

M7 S16 I7
M4 S14 I9
Thom Fucking Arlington
M10 S6 I14 Deep Light: 12
M0 S2 I7