Road from Barrow-Town

  • met a Necromancer named Avinda; skimpy clothes, toxodon mount – you know the type
  • told them she’d been looking for a way into the land of the dead – some unfinished business with her lover (who lurked in her shadow according to Takir).
  • after a friend chat, she offered them a code of letters that she’d got off a shade regarding the Pit – not sure what it meant.

headed down into the Pit on a rickety stair

  • Roz left Hasver and the boat captain guarding the entrance, strong-arming Burris Han along with them
  • passed through a quietly glittering force field that didn’t seem nice
  • found an art chamber featuring the lovely visage of Starloscet, and the glittering-eyed bug god Aurturi.
  • passed through the obvious secret door
  • found Aurturi, the bug god, on his throne, stinger out. Roz and Shambo partook of sting and poison. It didn’t turn out to be so much fun.
  • spiraling down into the dark, through a series of massive yet easy to open round blast doors, they made use of the code the Necromancer had given them

The darkness opened deeper and deeper below.