Embers Leap

An Invisible Sun Adventure

The revered Apostate of the Invisible Church, Imbir the Firewalker, has invited you to his home for a gala attended by the panoply of beings that only Imbir could assemble – Vislae, of course, of many orders and importances, bright and beautiful elberbrin in their flesh of many shapes, itinerate angels dressed in rags begging for compassion and hope and wonder, ghosts decked in ancient finery chilling drinks for passersby, demons often in self-administered chains spilling advice and leers to the opportuning, and … you.

You know Imbir already. You have been drawn into a lighted assemblage because Imbir was with you in the Gray, in the post-industrial, computer-age illusion that denied magic while embedding it into the world all around you. Imbir was called Charles Ember in the Gray, and he figured in your story of your escape from the Great War into the Grey, and your return from said sticky illusion.

In the Gray, Sir Charles Ember was a Venture Capitalist, a diplomat, and sometimes an explorer. He was that English indeterminate age that hints of wisdom and still speaks of haleness. He was bombastic, kind, connected. You had some dealing with him in the Gray that woke you up, that participated in your freeing yourself form its confines.

Once you escaped the Lie back into the light of the Indigo Sun, back to the ruins of Satyrine, just recovering from the War (whoever that was with, whatever it was about…), you realized Imbir was in fact, Sir Ember. Sometimes at night, you could see his fiery citadel atop one of the Hills of Satyrine – although you never could find your way to it, and strange things happened if you exerted yourself to try.

A messenger that you would recognize and take something from has appeared at your door in the last week, bearing a message from Apostate Imbir, inviting you to his home at Ember Hall to join him and the glitterati to celebrate Imbolc, the Fire Night together, and… to gather with himself and the other recent ‘conspirators of the Grey’ on ‘matters most important to the future of Satyrine – please, tell only those you would welcome into your home!’


How did you know Sir Charles Ember?

What was the illusion you wrapped yourself if? Were you a computer programmer, a nurse, a policeman, a tech support engineer? How did this illusion enthrall you, and what does it tell you about who you were before you went into the forgetting of the Gray?

How did knowing Imbir in his facsimile lead you toward your escape back into being a Vislae?

What house did you find waiting for you after these years of hiding away in the shadow of the Indigo Sun?


Let us gather!