Amber Spires

Techno-Temple-abstract-art-3D-_-31016021-615-453Lhauric is a teeming seaport of incredible machines – locks and lifts and vast insect-like cranes that offload the fire ships from far-off Mare Infinitus. A far-flung anchor of great power in the Amber Papacy’s Steadfast, Lhauric is alive and dangerous. In some ways, you are glad to be leaving.

You are connected in some way to the great Cathedral of Job with its gleaming rooms and dazzling architechture.

You are therefore connected to the House of its master, Cardinal R’zak.

R’zak is renowned for the prowess of his mind, for the intensity of his speeches about faith, devotion – the future and the past. He has been known to elevate with a glance, and cast down with a single word. His circles are like the blazing sun: life-giving, and dangerous.

Perhaps you are a priest, or a Nano Novitate (for many nanos are needed to maintain the great machines of Lhauric); maybe you are an indentured servant saved from barbarism, or a devout Jack serving the Papacy for the order and peace it brings to the 9th World. The Cardinal is known to see past the trappings of the human facade. He has taken in those whose presence cause whispers as far as the Amber Pope’s ears. He has been known to throw back to the cold northern climes of the Papal Palace those sent secretly to spy and meddle.

Whoever you are, you are indebted to the Cardinal and perhaps the Papacy. Perhaps you are devout; perhaps you do not believe, but have decided rationally that this is the best use of your life.



The distant city of Spires lies in the shadow of the vast bulk of the artificial – and in-motion – mountain range called the Clock of Kala. Spires has recently come into the Amber fold, and so things have been… interesting. The living buildings and flying machines of Spires are legendary, so when the Cardinal’s head secretary, Brother Harmony, summoned you to the Cathedral, and his aide briefed you on the mission, you were elated to hear you were going to Spires. Perhaps you even have your own interest in Spires, or a connection, for which you were chosen.

glowing-gift-box--ornamental_19-133450But when you were entrusted with a Life-sealed Encyclical from the Cardinal to Bishop Wykaline of Spires, that put a bit of a damper on things. Everyone knew Encyclicals are an irrefusable charge from the Infallible Seat itself. And when Brother Harmony handed you a sealed gift box and missive to the Principle of Spires (the ‘elected’ ruler of the city), well, that made the trip either more interesting or more terrifying, or possibly both.


What should I do now?

  1. Go through the Numenera background and
  2. the character creation rules, and
  3. send in a character idea!

There’s  an ios app you can snag to make a character. There may be others – let me know!

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