The Devil’s Spine

The Amber Pope has pronounced that the aggression and darkness of the Gaian Heresy is no longer to be tolerated.

In the shining Steadfast City of Uxphon, Baron Tichronius is answering the heralds’ calls. He will be marching on the Cloud Crystal Skyfields to the north with an army of The Truth’s crusaders.

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You have some connection to the Baron. Maybe you have been interviewed and hired as a caretaker by his trusted steward, Dorial. Maybe you have served the Baron’s interests before, and he has asked you to remain and help or oversee his hired caretakers. Perhaps you are an Uxphon city investigator following leads on the disappearance of young persons in the city and your clues point to the Baron’s estate – which you would not dare to try and enter with the Baron still in residence.

The large Baronial estate needs tending, organizing and protecting – so whether you are a genius, a man of many trades, or a clever weaponmaster, you may find a few weeks’ safe employment while the Baron marches off to war.

What sews you into this story, and gives evidence of your genius?

How do I join up?

  1. Go through the Numenera background and
  2. the character creation rules, and
  3. send in a character idea!

There’s a great character creation website you can use to make a character. There may be others – let me know!
See the Character Creation page if you want to have me do the stats for you!


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