Amidst the Fire

The complex that houses the multi-state creatures self-identifying as Erulians (and other-identifying as freakish monster brains with a spine tail secretly made of fire?) is built like a snowflake or similar recursive fractal structure.

The central room is host to a terrible fungus that has fed on the energies of the machines burrowed into the substrates of reality underneath Starloscet’s tomb. The Erulians are never troubled by the fungus becuase they transit almost always in their fiery forms, which seem to be part of some other dimensions of being that are not affected by physical matter – perhaps the notorious 11th String, impervious to the bosons that create matter as we interact with in observable reality.

You have been offered and counteroffered, and stuck into a shitty cobble-down ancient networking pit that barely hums much less energizes a network. It connects to a deeper network in which, apparently, Hasver has been placed temporarily in some digitized form.

What will you do to get the Impossible Blade, claimed by the Erulians… or will you?

The Chambers of the Flame

  • The Transept : [Center] the entry chamber and a line of defense for the Erulians. This room is full of a terrible fungus that has the genetic secret to convert living flesh to fungal volume. None of the Erulians claim mastery over the Transept; but the Tech offered you an unguent to protect you from the fungual transmissions.
  • The Chapel : [North] a place of high arches, marble, an embedded metallic compass of directions, the province of the Erulian called The Devotee
  • The MainFrame : [East] massive structures extruded from the floor, ceiling, and walls, brilliant structures of synth and some unknown material, gleaming, burning, emitting telltale signs of computation. Somewhere in there, Hasver is alive. Domain: The Master
  • Respite : [South] a room of strange foam-synth walls, floor, ceiling, marked with rounded bumps. Such is the silence of the place you can hear the blood burning and pumping in your ears, heart, head, veins. Domain: The Tech
  • Post : [West] Outside the fungus room, The Watcher keeps dominion over the chambers of the Erulians.


There see to be somewhere between 8 and 12 Erulians.

The Erulians are able to assume a form (a natural form?) that burns with the energy of being. It seems to be immune to physical structures.

They have another form that looks like a brain with a whip-like appendage. It has terrible strength and capacity as part of a true physicality.


So, as far as things stand, multiple assassination plots and service plots have been offered you.

  • The Master: Has offered you the release of Hasver and your return to the surface if you depart forthwith through a deeper exit back to the edges of the Pit. The Master is always attended by 2 devotees. The Master seems to believe that the Tech is problematic for Erulian culture.
  • The Devotee: Has offered you the return of Hasver and the Impossible Blade that the Erulians took from the grave of Starloscet if you kill The Master
  • The Watcher: has offered you the de-digitalization of Hasver and access to some of the riches of the Erulians in return for you leaving the Tomb now. The Watcher has 2 other Erulians with it at all times.
  • The Tech: seems simultaneously aware of the many Erulian stratagems and inured from them.


  • The Transept : [Center] the steam bursts of the entry chamber are nothign to be trifled with, and even the Erulians avoid it.
  • The Chapel : [North] there is a measurable intensity and presence in the Chapel which could be harnessed to hide humans in its magnanimity.
  • The MainFrame : [East] the bizarre structures of the Mainframe have a palpable network intensity which probably could be harnessed for some kind of transport with the help of embedded Hasver if he could be reached.
  • Respite : [South] The Tech uses the impossible Blade in this room to carve tiny pieces out of silence in service to the Devotee and the Master.
  • Post : [West] There are hidden sonic weapons in the Post, which the Watcher has hinted at being turned against the party if they disturb the peace of the Erulians. The Respite might be proof against them.