In Dreams (… a project of the SimpleCommunion Institute)

You are troubled. Sleep, the friend of all creatures, has become your enemy.

Dreams hound you. Visions find you, message from…. Escaped by wakefulness, they make their way out into your world – in the hypnagogic space just outside all waking, through the television or PA systems or the voicemails on your phone or….

The messages, the visions, the dreams are impossible: vast, complicated places and stories that take you in with the earnestness of memory and the consumption of nightmares.

That’s why you’re here at SVPSDC (Sacramento Valley Psychiatric Sleep Disorder Clinic, or Psychoneira, everyone – including their owners, the SimpleCommunion Institute, call them). Maybe you’re trying to get better.
Maybe you’re trying to get worse.
Maybe you’re trying to find s0mething that a poet might call “the 7ru7h”.


Dr. Senkar, head Clinician

is a short, lovely woman of great intensity. Being held in her gaze is comforting and terrifying both. She would be on your side if you were honest with her… if you could hold her gaze. But such honesty can be… terrifying.

Mr. Grask, the SimpleCommunion representative

is part Inquisitor, part jailor, part genius researcher. He would be on your side if you could show something, prove something, be of … value, or if you were, perhaps, a mad genius of some kind.

Dr. Biryus – a belief in the body to triumph defines Doctor Biryus:

a triathlete in his 60’s, Bear as he is called by some of the staff considers physical perfection a form of treatment. You might come to Bear’s attention if you are troubled, but have training or excellence in the physical realm. His treatment is a rigorous form of physical training – some people say he has driven patients to death with his regimen, however.

Alana Bleeker – head of Security

a no-nonsense woman with a no-nonsense haircut, Alana is in her mid-50’s, humorless, but fundamentally decent.

Todd Angstrom – head Orderly

Todd is blond, blue-eyed, square-jawed, charming and terrible. Every place has one: a troll, a thing walking around inside a people skin.

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