In Dreams… a project of the True Sight Institute

You are troubled.

Dreams hound you. Visions find you, or messages…somehow. Maybe in the hypnagogic space between waking and sleeping, maybe through the television or an account on your phone.

The messages, the visions, the dreams are impossible: vast, complicated places and stories that take you in with the earnestness of memory and the consumption of nightmares.

That’s why you’re here at SVPSDC (Sacramento Valley Psychiatric Sleep Disorder Clinic, or Psychoneira, as it’s called by its owners, the True Sight Consortium). Maybe you’re trying to get better. Maybe you’re trying to get worse. Maybe you’re trying to find the truth.


Dr. Senkar, head Clinician, is a short, lovely woman of great intensity. Being held in her gaze is comforting and terrifying both. She would be on your side if you were honest with her… if you could hold her gaze. But such honesty can be… terrifying.

Mr. Grask, the True Sight representative is part Inquisitor, part jailor, part genius researcher. He would be on your side if you could show something, prove something, be of … value, or if you were, perhaps, a mad genius of some kind.

Dr. Biryus – a belief in the body to triumph defines Doctor Biryus: a triathlete in his 60’s, Bear as he is called by some of the staff considers physical perfection a form of treatment. You might come to Bear’s attention if you are troubled, but have training or excellence in the physical realm. His treatment is a rigorous form of physical training – some people say he has driven patients to death with his regimen, however.

What is your particular trouble?

How did you get to Psychoneira? (Also the name of an experimental drug being tried as a counter-psychotic)

What is the content of your … dysfunction?

What does your character think is necessary to achieve peace, to escape?

Chinese Portrait

Surely, a battery of tests have been run on you in this astoundingly white, antiseptic, high-tech environment. But let us talk about ideas. About what-ifs, if we might.

If you were an animal, what animal would that be?

If you were a weapon, what weapon would that be?

If you were a place, describe it.

If you were an agreement, what type of agreement would it be?

Pick your favorite: Mineral, Vegetable or Animal?

If you could break the laws of nature, which would you pick?

Things, or Space?

If you were a natural phenomenon, what would it be?