Creating a Character

What is inside your dreams?

How did you get to Psychoneira? (Also the name of an experimental drug being tried as a counter-psychotic)

What is the content of your … dysfunction?

What does your character think is necessary to achieve peace, to escape?

Chinese Portrait

Surely, a battery of tests have been run on you in this astoundingly white, antiseptic, high-tech environment. But let us talk about ideas. About what-ifs, if we might.

If you were an animal, what animal would that be?

If you were a weapon, what weapon would that be?

If you were a place, describe it.

If you were an agreement, what type of agreement would it be?

Pick your favorite: Mineral, Vegetable or Animal?

If you could break the laws of nature, which would you pick?

Things, or Space?

If you were a natural phenomenon, what would it be?