Emerging from the 0-point shelter proved it to live up to its name.

The trees were somehow different, the bodies of the Murden long gone.

A note from Rusty Jack told them he had waited as long as he could and gone on.

Finding a place to rest, they began to be plagued by headaches, and Gram began to experience loud ticking that faded when the headaches came.

They were attacked by mothmen with fierce bows made of something like shell.

Fighting them off, Mad Morin Rhi came to their assistance and helped them find a shelter behind a waterfall to spend the night away from the mothmen. Gram’s mechanical nature seemed to be advancing at an alarming rate.

They decided to press on.

Taking a hidden route to the High Road to Nest, in order to shorten the way and avoid the climb across the Faces (Rusty had all the gear), they made their way across the mountaintops and down into the cleft that housed the Suspended City.

Something was wrong. The wires and filaments and supports and bridges were all there, dangling in the mist. Gram went first, following the bells.

That was the final mistake.

Suddenly clockwork knights were around them, Gram was howling, and turning against them, calling out to his Lady.

There was a confused, mad battle on the bouncing Web Bridge of Nest.

Until the nest was severed by an explosion from Mardis of the Iron Wind that sent it and them fluttering, falling, drifting….