In the swamp, the Builder structure burns in the night.

Dian asks for a reminder of why they have come to the Maevan Fens in the first place. Caerdwyn and Bayeo told him about their long quest after young Lord Cyrdaen’s folly, and the seeming subterfuge played by Telsara Yrlaedd, the Wizard, using the egg to trap the Mistlord’s essence in the Dragon’s Egg, and then broke it into pieces and hid it in secret places, including her home town in the mountains of Tuhál. They wanted to follow up, to meet her, to see what plans and cunning imagination drover her – to find out whether she was a traitor to Mawr, in the end.

Pavyk and Bayeo have a conversation about having Bayeo’s right of passage. Pavyk suggests the Vulfen elders offer Bayeo a choice beteween staying at the ancient capitol tower for his Hombalechia (Rite of pasage) or going to investigate the Great Mystery that stalks among the Builder remnants.

The Avae Waterwalker arrives and talks tot hem about why they are there. He sems to have arrived in response to their fire, but is short on answers about who he is and why he is there.

Shortly thereafter, the Siar of Ursean, Killian, arrives by wrecked curragh. He says that he has followed them here after journeying along their previous path. He asks if they came by way of a sacred grove in Elderwood. Of course they did. He asked if the Hunter showed them something in that place. They offered that he/she/it did. Killian offered that beneath the brass capstone, he found a body on a Builder stone bier, tall and terribly long of limb, wrapped in bandages, the body withered but seemingly imperishable. Was it a Builder body? Killian did not know, but perhaps. And why was it that The Hunter and the Huntress wanted to show it to the pair?