Takir was wakened from the tomb he had used to shroud and protect himself from the wrath of the Tithe and the ticked-down metabolism that kept him free of the need to respire or for his heart to beat.

Hasver went into the command vault and diddled with the crew of the Archangel Gabriel, using a map overview function to direct their search toward likely survivors. A tete-a-tete with Quart, the Pilot, led to a later conversation in the showers while she donned her black priest garb. She offered Hasver the Last Flight of the Archangel into the Skycrystal Fields. He declined. For now.

Roz went down into the machine shops with her many-handed little friend. After much work trying to rework the White Fort’s junk into a messenger or other help, the floating helper revealed its (her?) latest creation: an armed walker-bot piloted by… Baby Koshi

Is that hope in the air? Does everything seem possible now?