In the aftermath of the battle, they walked among the men, healing wounds, dealing with the dead – including making sure that the pale man, D’vorak the Endless, remained dead despite the particles in his body that were laboring toward his resurrection. Judging by Roz’ bruises, keeping him down was a good idea.

Thom tended to their spirits, reading from the Truth’s Compassion of Intelligence. The Gaian soldier Debonik was moved and sat by Thom, peppering him with classic questions.

Roz found a gravsled under the command tent, and a crystal radio there that was off. Takir examined the radio after Roz removed the antennas. As Agmanir, the man in the crystal void suit, spoke to them quietly about the taking of Urgrevek, and his son Digrevek who took up the Diamond Protocol to save the Gaians, Roz spoke in 2 voices:

MoyagIs it time yet for the Arbitration?

Lily: I can’t keep this carrier wave away from you all much longer.


Hasver scanned the gaian soldiers – they had all been taken by the ManMaker just as the Truth soldiers had.

The group gathered.The Ward of the Sky, Agmanir, told them all of this had happened because of aggression from the Truth; that the moving north of the Amber Monolith.

Thom asked the Great Questions: what were they doing? What was their intent? On what basis were they moving forward, and were those consistent with the truth? They recounted their internal answers. Takir spoke his concern of the truth getting in the way of the Truth.

It was clear that the Moyag was the great beast in the sky holding Gaia’s Diamond Shapes; that something evil had infected the Gaian’s attempt to rouse the world’s great defenders.

Would they go to Digrevek the immortal skin changer who had become the Diamond Fist, the Great Artificer, the Manmaker?


Final Stats

[su_spoiler title=”Clark Fucking Gable” style=”fancy”] <b>1 Benny</b> M10 S16 I13 [/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Takir” style=”fancy”] The unknown [/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Thom” style=”fancy”] M:14 S:11 I:24 Deep Light: 12 [/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Hasver” style=”fancy”] M:11 S:9 I:8 [/su_spoiler]